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A Collection of Most Popular Antiques of 2013-2014


The top 20 list of most popular antiques is usually a whole collection of Kovels.com. The Kovels fraternity is fully involved in gathering current and key interests of collectors that visit the website. The top 20 antiques are indicated in cash registers and gazetted after a particular period of time, usually on annual basis.  For this year, 2013 and 2014, the process has been the same. Below, we will be looking at various highlights of the most popular antiques for the year 2013 through 2014.

Earlier this year, it was noted that at cultural festivals including shows, auctions and various shops that designer purses are making huge sales. In auctions especially, the bags are selling at very low prices, and this could be the key reason why the sale has shot so high, in line with the demand. Manufacturers of the most sold soft drinks are very close to the top. The soft drinks including coca-cola, Pepsi which is under the classification of the cola drink, are fighting so hard to get to the top. Besides, they are still in the progress of making collectibles. Notice that the process of all valuables is largely set by the condition, age of the product, along with rarity.

Current List of most Popular Antiques 2013-2014

  1. Bottle
  2. Coca cola
  3. Occupied Japan
  4. Bavaria
  5. Fenton
  6. Stoves
  7. Toy
  8. Purses
  9. Red wing
  10. Capo-Di-Monte
  11. Pepsi Cola
  12. Dresden
  13. Shawnee Pottery
  14. Collector plates
  15. Copeland Spode
  16. Wedgwood
  17. Royal Doulton
  18. Harker
  19. Cobalt Blue
  20. Cookie Jars

Collectors who frequent the Kovels register are basically interested in learning more about identifying the features and the prices. Generally, Kovels.com is fully geared towards gathering solid information on the most popular antique, which means it is a clear indication of the areas considered most popular and of interest among collectors who visit the website.

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