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Tronsmart MK808II Rockchip Dual Core Android 4.2.2 OS TV BOX Mini PC Review

MK808II is basically the very first android TV box of 4.1 jelly bean. It has the capacity to transform an old version TV to a smart TV very easily.

With MK 808II, you have the full liberty to watch 1080D full content on YouTube, and so much more on TV. The good thing about Mk808II is that you can freely send emails, check on your facebook status, as well as play games. You can also go ahead and download current apps, listen to some music of choice, read a book, and you can also display PowerPoint.

This TV box, the MK808II has got 8GB storage. The antenna on the other hand is a dual wifi. The wifi signal is actually of all other TV box antennas. When working, it has got a low temperature, as a result of the assistance of SMT technology that is designed for cooling.

MK808II has got a pre installed store for Google play which is a 4.2 android jell bean OS. It also comes stocked with An RK3066 dual core CPU of 1.2 GHz Rockchip, Mali-400 GPU quad core, a RAM of 16GB, and a full storage of 8GB.

With the MK8011, you can have a live chat on Skype very comfortably. The antenna, which is a dual wifi, makes it way faster in nature than all other TV android boxes. It has got the capacity to support an external SD card all the way, right from 16GB to 32GB. The hard disk has got a capacity of 16GB.

Another very good thing about MK808II is that it has the power to support very many languages which means the users have all the liberty to change the languages to the one that they understand. The TV display is a HDMI output.

The softwares included in the MK808II are inclusive of: Google search, audio player, video player, Email and Gmail, clock, alarm, calculator, explorer, ES file, Photo browser, PDF reader, Google maps, and what a large collection! It also has android apps which are inclusive of Angry birds, facebook, YouTube, Netfix, Skype and many more.

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